Miss Softee Celebrates Last Day of the Season With Her Awesome Crumb Cake


Speaking of Softee season coming to an end, it looks like today might be the last day for our good friend Miss Softee.  But to celebrate, she’s baked up some of her famous crumb cake as a special!  If you love coffee cake, this is one special you’re definitely want to get in on. It’s a vanilla chocolate twist with her very own light, fluffy, homemade (yes, homemade) coffee cake. And in case that doesn’t tempt you, Miss Softee comes from some serious crumb cake making folk–her great aunt sold her recipe to a famous baked goods company. She’s planning on parking on 44th and 6th today, but as always you should check @miss_softee or the ML Twitter Tracker for any updates.  And if you mention Midtown Lunch you’ll get $1 off.


  • :(

  • Holy hell that looks amazing. So very tempted to take the nearly 1 mile walk over…

  • I hope she has a wonderful vacation, and we will all be looking forward to seeing her soon in the spring. And yes, the crumb cake looks great.

  • I really should have checked the twitter before walking over there. Turns out she wasn’t there yet when I went to lunch. Oh well. That cake looks good too. :(

  • Boo, Zach grabbed the last one? lol.

  • Crumbcake was great! I also sampled the bubble gum dip as well and that’s a great concept right there with vanilla soft serve ice cream! But the highlight was probably meeting Zach at the truck..he and I took the last two pieces..LOL
    Summer is officially over…the ice is back at Rockefeller Plaza and Ms Softee is done for the year!! Can we FFWD to summer 2011 please?

  • Seems like yesterday Miss Softee was having her end of summer party.

  • Zach, Thanks for sharing one of the last pieces with me! Nice seeing you in town.

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