Free Lunch Alert

Zipcar will be in Bryant Park today (on 42nd btw. 5+6th) from Noon to 1pm today giving away free lunches to benefit City Harvest.  All you have to do is go give them a business card, and they’ll donate $1 to City Harvest PLUS give you a free brown paper bag lunch with a sandwich and pop chips.  Freeloaders with business cards, engage.


  • went there at 12:45pm and didnt see anything. either i already missed them or they were a no-show. bummer.

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    Went around noon, gave a business card and received a lunch bag which contained: 1 bag of sour cream and onion POP chips, 1 turkey and cheese sandwich (one slice of cheese, one slice of turkey slapped between two oversized slices of bread), and 1 napkin.

    There were 5 people on line in front of me, they were parked on 42nd btw 5th & 6th.

    I’m still hungry

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