Margon’s Sandwich & Chicken Soup Special is Perfect For Fall

Margon Soup and Sandwich Combo

Fall is upon us. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting nippier, and suddenly lunch time has gone from merely a break in the day, to a necessary means of warming and comforting ourselves. It seems that many Midtown lunchers agree that soups are the perfect cold weather comfort food, and I wholeheartedly concur. And what’s more comforting and familiar than a bowl of hearty chicken soup?

When it comes to chicken soup, Margon (on 46th btw. 6+7th) has a fine version, which can be paired with their famous Cuban sandwiches, for the ML friendly price of only $9. For this price, I’ve always considered this combination to be one of the best soup and sandwich combos in Midtown. Find out why after the jump.

Cuban Sandwich

The bulk of Margon’s buzz centers around the aforementioned Cuban sandwich, as well as their extended steam tables offerings of roast chicken, pepper steak, oxtails and pernil. I wouldn’t dare to presume that Margon’s Cuban sandwich is the best in the city, though I’ve no qualms with making this sandwich part of my weekly lunch rotation. Like any good Cuban sandwich, theirs is a hearty fistful of ham, salami, gooey melted cheese, creamy mayo and the zing of mustard and a pickle, encased in an ever so slightly crispy roll.

While Margon’s Cuban sandwich has been extensively profiled, their chicken soup seems to have slipped under the radar. It’s time to change that.

Margon Chicken Soup

The chicken soup has a viscous broth, always with a light sheen of oil enshrouding crude bits of bone-on dark meat chicken and chunky nubs of potato and yucca. The rich chicken broth is bolstered by the starch from the yucca, and is pungent with garlic and fragrant with coriander, parsley, and annatto. Some may find the bone-in chicken to be disagreeable, however, half the fun and the flavor comes from winnowing the tender morsels of chicken straight off the bone. In short, this is a powerful soup that will stick to your ribs and warm your soul.

Despite my huge appetite, I often struggle to finish this entire combination of food, though it’s simply too good to let any go to waste. At $9, Margon’s soup and sandwich combo is certainly fit for a King, a Dictator, or any Midtown Luncher that craves a good bowl of hot soup and a filling sandwich.

Margon, 136 W. 46th St. (btw. 6+7th), 212-354-5013


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