Contributor Stalking: Yes, I’m Under 40

Do you wonder what the ML contributors do when they’re not eating lunch in Midtown? (They’re actually pretty easy to stalk!)

Pies 'N' Things Chicken Biscuit

Blondie and Brownie checked out this year’s Epicurious’ Ultimate Lunch Break, and were (naturally) big fans of Pies N Thighs, Ultraclay has launched a new tumblr account showcasing his photography, Danny decided to see what happens when you mix cheap chinese food and wine,  Amy is a big fan of Guerilla Ice Cream, and Chris H. has been busy defending the Vendy Awards on Yelp.

In the other sections of the site… Andrea discovered *another* biriyani cart in the Fidi, Jamie is taking advantage of some Oktoberfest specials in Philly, and I’m busy in L.A. stuffing my face at all you can eat Korean bbq joints. Finally, just wanted to say a quick thanks to Food and Wine Magazine, who included me in their list of “40 Big Thinkers Under 40″ list in the November issue of the magazine (emphasis on “big”?) Kind of shock, considering that not much thought went into creating Midtown Lunch, beyond “How can I come up with an excuse to stuff my fat face every day at lunch?” Anyway, it’s a huge honor to be in such good company. Check out the full list on Eater. My portion of the piece is after the jump…

Photo by Brownie


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