October Means New Flavors at Shake Shack (and Shacktoberfest!)

DSC00009In case you haven’t checked your calendar, today’s October 1st and there’s a new line up of custard flavors at the Shake Shack (on 8th Ave. and 44th) including Pumpkin Pie, S’mores, Orange Fennel, Coconut Caramel, Concord Grape, Apple Cinnamon Raisin, and Shackenstein (it’s almost worth it to come into midtown on a Sunday just to find out what Shackenstein, is…almost). And I just noticed via Shack Shack’s official Facebook Page that Shacktoberfest is back at every Shack location from 10/1 until 10/10.


With the promise of “sausages & bratwursts, concretes and an expanded beer menu with each Shack featuring different brews,” if it’s as good as in past years, it’s definitely worth checking out.

UPDATE! And here’s the menu:
German-Style Biers
Harpoon, Oktoberfest, 16 oz. Draft $6.00
Goose Island, Harvest Ale, 12 oz. Bottle $6.00
Ithaca Beer Company, Cold Front, 12 oz. Bottle $6.00
Shacktoberfest Beer Stein $15.00
(Shacktoberfest Stein is available without beer, $10)

Usinger’s Bratwursts & Sausages
Garlic Sausage: A Polish-style Garlic Sausage cooked flat-top style topped with a Bacon n’ Beer
Cheese Sauce featuring ShackMeister Ale, finished with crushed pretzels. $4.75

Currywurst & Fries: Traditional sliced Bratwurst in a Shack-made tomato sauce with curry.
Served with French Fries. $5.25

Hungarian Smoked Sausage: Split and griddled, served with Düsseldorf mustard. $4.25

Bavarian-Inspired Concretes
German Chocolate $6.25
Chocolate custard blended with coconut, toasted walnuts and caramel.
Topped with a little Schlag (whipped cream).

Cranberry Almond Streusel $6.25
Vanilla custard mixed with cranberry compote and almond streusel.
Topped with a little Schlag (whipped cream).

Zicke, Zacke, Zicke, Zacke, Hoi, Hoi, Hoi!


  • Note: Different Octoberfest beers at each location.

  • Why the link to the FB page? Y’know they have an old-fashioned website too. But the website actually has the specific beers listed for each location.

    Me, I’ll be dusting off my Shacktoberfest stein and heading to MSP for the curry bratworst and beer. They also have a 22-oz Bluepoint Oktoberfest bottle listed at MSP for $6, but that may be a misprint (or a great deal!)

  • And, the beers posted above are ONLY at the 44th St/8th Ave location. (I would consolidate but I have no noodle button!)

  • I just had the currywurst. I was great, except Currywurst is Berlin street food and is neither seasonal or Bavarian. It would be a little like serving hot dogs at your American Thanksgiving party. Still, it was much tastier than real currywurst, which is kind of cheap and nasty, in my opinion.

  • Went there today (44th st location). Had or tried:

    Garlic sausage: 7/10, kinda tasted like a garlicky hotdog. I like hotdogs and I’m sure the ingredients were great but it wasn’t different enough. The pretzels on top were awesome though.

    Currywurst: 9/10, outstanding. SO good. I’m a huge fan of currywurst though so take that FWIW. My only complaint was that sausage was sliced prior (which is fine) but then I think it was griddled after and some pieces had amazing char on it some were completely soft. The sausage flavor itself was amazing though.

    German choc concrete: 7/10, good flavor, but it really just tasted like their chocolate concrete with walnuts and a small hint of coconut. It wasn’t sweet like German choc cake is.

    I had the Goosehead Harvest Ale beer, and bought two steins. The beer was good, but a little on the warm side. Fuckin’ $40 lunch. Oof.

  • BTW, for a simple and surprisingly decent approximation to the currywurst experience, just cook up a dog (or wurst!), and slather it in a mix of ketchup and curry powder. Yum.

  • Oktoberfest beer made outside Germany …

    Das ist nicht gut

    Stick to the Paulaner and Hacker Pschorr

    • Yeah, but if it ain’t offered, you go with what’s available. Not that anyone should have to drink the Harpoon.

      Harvest Ales tend to be essentially IPAs (hop harvest, naturally), so stick to them for your Fall Seasonal if you’re short a true Oktoberfestbier.

      • The Kelso Kellerfest (UES) is actually quite good as an O’fest, even if it’s brewed in Brooklyn. Penn (Pittsburgh)’s Kaiser Pils (UWS) is excellent, but not a Festbier. And the Southern Tier Harvest (MSP) is a lovely hoppy harvest ale. I might need to tour the city and collect Shacktoberfest steins now…

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    I had the Hungarian smoked sausage last nite. s’alright, like a glorified hot dog.
    the Shackenstein ice cream is something to the effect of marshmallows, chocolate cake bits, & (something else?) and its dyed green for Halloween. it sounded disgusting to me. going to try out the pumpkin pie flavor today though.

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