2 of the 3 Best Ramens in NYC Are in Midtown!!!

Hide-Chan’s Hakata Ramen. Photo by J. Kenji Lopez Alt.

Oh how the tides have turned! Take that East Village! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! (Ok, scratch that last part.) When I first started Midtown Lunch we were perfectly happy with our ramen selection here in Midtown. Sapporo, Menchanko Tei, and Men Kui Tei were all perfectly acceptable bowls of Japanese noodle soup, but there was no question that the EV was where ramen aficionados longed to work. Minca, Rai Rai Ken, Setagaya, and yes, even Momofuku. We couldn’t compete with that. And once Ippudo opened, well, that was game over. Until today!

Serious Eats’ J. Kenji Lopez-Alt (the amazing Food Lab dude) has declared Hide-Chan’s Hakata Ramen the best bowl of Ramen in New York City (with Totto Ramen coming in 3rd, after Ippudo.) That’s right. Soak it in people. Midtown now officially has the best ramen in New York City!

Hide-Chan’s Black Ramen is a Garlicky Force to Be Reckoned With


  • must get to Hide Chan. STAT

  • i think i may need to eat ramen tonight… at my local spot – HIDECHANNN!!!

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    Y’know I went to Hide-chan in July and I wasn’t that impressed, but on the article they say that they’ve worked out the kinks alot since they opened– I’ll give them another shot.

    I love Ramen Totto though- gotta go back there soon.

  • they’ve definitely improved–my first trip there was just meh…last week was awesome. Love the choice of lard level and noodle firmness.

  • Man, I want to try Hide-Chan.
    My fav is still the #4 on the list.

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    I just went yesterday. Hide-chan Hakata Ramen wasn’t impressive. It was good, but not #1. Ippudo’s Akamuru Modern ramen is the best one I’ve ever had!

  • I tried Hide-Chan tonight. It was good, adequate noodles and I did enjoy their delicious pork broth. Not enough slices of fatty pork (only 2). Sigh. Too bad no more Mega-Ton being offered. BOO!!! I wanted to try it.

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    you got to be kidding me. J. Kenji Lopez has NO idea what Ramen should taste like. From my observance, this place is sub-par and I would rather wait in the shivering cold outside 1 hr for Ippudo. Maybe Kenji Lopez is a Peruvian Japanese guy who has no idea what real Japanese Ramen should taste like. Avoid Hide Chan it sucks and the place is pretty boring too

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