Bugs to Become the Next Hip Topping in our Midtown Salad Bars?

DSC09036This one is for those of you who can’t resist a good “I found a bug in my salad” post (we’re looking at you, Eater!) From Lunch’er Jenna: “I went to chopped [sic] for lunch today and ordered a kebob Cobb wrap and as I was eating it a ALIVE BUG came crawling out of my sandwich!!!!!!! I was so grossed out that I took the rest of my sandwich back to chopped and they refunded my money and said they try to clean the lettuce. Just want to get the word out there that if you go to Chopped you may bring back a bug!!!” Don’t be too upset Jenna… some people in Brooklyn would pay good money to eat that bug!

The photo she sent us is a particularly gross one, so as a public service we’ve placed it after the jump.

Once again we need to point out how incredible it is that a bug could ever even survive the chopping block at a Midtown salad joint!


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