Why Am I About to Defend Chop’t?

You wouldn’t expect me to stick up for a massive salad chain, but I’m a little perplexed by the photo Eater posted from a tipster on Friday claiming that they had found a bug in their salad from the Chop’t on 51st Street in Midtown.  How did the bug not get “chopt” up?  For that matter, the whole salad looks pretty intact.  I’m guessing you can ask them not to chop your salad, but then what’s the point of eating at Chop’t right?  The whole thing smells pretty fishy to me.  Did the “tip” come from somebody with a “Just Salad” email address?

Chop’t is as Terrifying As You Would Think


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    I used to be obsessed with Chop’t, but just last week I found a lady bug in my salad from the same location! Sounds like they might have a bit of a problem.

  • Lady bugs and potato beetles (like the one pictured) are probably not a sign of a dirty restaurant. It’s more likely a sign of improper washing of fresh greens (still a problem, but in my mind a much less egregious offense). But I agree with Zach, that picture is suspicious. Nothing in that plate looks chopped at all. Chop’t's (double apostrophe? is that correct?) biggest offense is the prices.

  • That’s a little suspicious. Is that a beetle? I doubt you’ll find one of those in a chop’t salad or just about anywhere else. Also, the salad doesn’t look like most Chop’t salads that I’ve had.

    BTW, I had a Jamaican Jerk Chicken salad from them a couple weeks ago. It was spicy and very good.

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    You know what? I applaud and admire those who spend $12 to $15 for a designer salad from this place. $6.95 just for a basic salad alone! Bon Appetitte!!

  • @Zipsterman: Have you ever been to chopped? There isn’t a $12 to $15 salad in the place.

  • Harry, add 3-4 meats and cheeses to a regular salad and you’re right in that price range. And their entire menu is geared to these a la carte additions.

    Chopping the salad is also optional there. Personally, I think the idiots who get salads at Chop’t (i.e. all of their customers) should just opt for a blender and a straw.

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    I had bugs in my salad twice at chop’t and they were unapologetic about it both times. Several of my co-workers have had the same problem with them. I’ve stopped going there and will likely never go again.

    I understand the process for growing fruits and veggies, but this is 2009 and there are plenty of options for thoroughly cleaning produce.

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