Free Dessert Madness Going on Right Now

In honor of tonight’s premiere of Top Chef Just Desserts, Bravo is going all out today offering free desserts all over the city.  You can visit participating locations from 1-3pm today (a full list is here) or you can follow their truck around- which we’re hearing is on 50th btw. 6+7th right now giving out ice cream, cupcakes, Godiva, and Momofuku compost cookies. (And according to this, Gail Simmons will be there at 11:30am!)  You can follow the truck around courtesy of Bravo’s Twitter Account, which we’ve added to the ML Twitter Tracker for the day.  Freeloaders, engage.

I guess it’s also worth noting there is a Open Table promotion going on tonight, but for that free dessert you have to buy dinner. (Screw that!)


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