Tokyo 11 Offering 15% off through September

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Back in the spring, Luncher ‘Steve” spotted the opening of Tokyo 11 just out of ML bounds (sort of in Flatiron Lunch bounds) on 31st and Lexington. We haven’t checked it out yet, but passing by this week, I noticed that they’re offering 15% off of the whole menu through the end of the month.

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The tiny takeout shop offers sushi, various maki and a selection of dumplings, rice bowls, noodles and hibachi-grilled dishes. The price seems right even before the discount with no single item priced over $10.

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Has anyone made it here yet? Chime in in the comments and tell us what you think.


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    i tried it a few months ago. It’s your typical sushi restaurant run by chinese people. sushi is meh. you’re better off with umi sushi across the street. The fried rice is not bad though.

  • Just went with 2 co-workers. I had the chicken jalapeno fried rice which was fine, though no heat from any peppers was detectable. Portion size was pretty good, enough for more than one meal. Miso soup was included. One co-worker had okonomiyaki and thought it was okay. The other co-worker had the tonkatsu don, which was not served in the traditional way, with the cutlet on top of rice with sauce poured over. Rather the pieces of pork were stirred into the sauce. However, he liked it and gave it a “3 out of 4.”

    Wait time was long (a half-hour), and we were the only people in there when we arrived. Probably best to call orders in ahead.

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