Food Trucks Are Begging For Your Vote

Earlier in the week, we told you how you could help your favorite food truck win $10,000 as part of the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race Giveaway. If you follow Cupcake Stop, Treats Truck, Mexicue, Calexico, NYC Cravings, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, Bistro Truck, or Eddie’s Pizza Truck on Twitter or Facebook you know that everybody is lobbying hard for the win. But not every truck is planning on keeping the $10k prize for themselves. Eddie’s Pizza Truck has said they will donate the prize to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, while the Cravings Truck has vowed to give away free lunch for a week if they win (200 platters a day for 5 days.) Tough decision. Help a charity? Or help yourself get free food. Or just vote for whoever you think is the best! Either way, the current Top 10 doesn’t have a single New York Food truck. Clearly we need to change that… Vote now. The contest ends a week from today (on 9/10).

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