Tri Tip Grill’s Burrito Gives Chipotle a Run for its Money

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Last week, perennial ML favorites, Tri Tip grill (in the Rock Center concourse), introduced a new burrito menu item. A chicken burrito will cost you $7.99, but for an additional dollar one can substitute tri-tip steak. Personally I’m a big fan of the tri-tip steak sandwiches, and the transition to Tex Mex is a welcome menu addendum. However, given the format of the burrito, it’s impossible not to draw parallels to that other chain burrito joint… the restaurant that shall not be named… the ‘C-word’. So how does the Tri-Tip burrito stack up?

On my visit, my burrito was jam packed with the flavorful, tender Tri-Tip. Compared to the ‘C-word’, whose steak option is limited to rubbery pellets of some unidentifiable cut of meat, Tri Tip’s beef is unquestionably superior. But it gets even better – nearly half of the burrito innards were meat! The remainder was furnished with the usual line-up of Tex Mex staples – black beans, undetectable shredded cheese, sour cream, and romaine lettuce. The supporting cast of fillings were mostly overshadowed by the intense flavor of the Tri Tip steak.

The one downside? This is a pricey treat. As you can see, the burrito is barely longer than a $20 dollar bill, and the girth might leave you longing for its competitor. In other words, hungrier lunch’ers may need to supplement with Tri Tip’s excellent mashed potatoes, or my favorite, the broccoli salad- either of which will propel your lunch cost to well north of $10. But if you’re in the mood for a spendy lunchtime treat, or happen to have one of those groupon-like deals, Tri Tip makes a fine ‘C-word’ substitute.

Tri Tip Grill May Be The Best Thing in Rock Center


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