Connolly’s Now Offering $9 Bar Specials


In my book, nothing can replace my favorite Blarney Stone (3rd btw. 44th+45th), but some of my fellow office drones don’t feel the same way I do. “I’ve seen roaches there,” is a normal excuse to not go, despite having some of the best and cheapest burgers around. Meanwhile, Connolly’s was never on my list of lunch spots simply due to past experiences of subpar food at high prices. So when I was passing the 47th and 3rd Connelly’s location and spotted that they had begun $9 Bar Specials, I was hesitant to try it out… but this is exactly what Midtown Lunch is for.


I took my seat at the bar and immediately ordered a drink and the two cheeseburger special: two 4 oz. burgers with American. Expecting to wait more than a few minutes, I settled in for some ESPN (aka “The Brett Favre Show”). But much to my surprise, my burgers and fries were ready in less than 10 minutes which was awesome. The cheese is melted to both the burger and bun (maybe because of the panini-esque grilling it must have received) making it a bit difficult to add any toppings or sauce. Not that it needs much sauce, the burgers were quite juicy when cooked to my preferred medium, and the meat had some seasoning to it. And two four ounce burgers ended up being just enough meat for me-another one and I would have needed an afternoon nap. The fries were also on the delicious side: piping hot, crunchy, and salty. I did have mild shock that this was so delicious and could easily be a high-end Blarney Stone substitute.

$9 Specials

I haven’t tried any of the other specials, though the Crabcake Sliders seem promising.

Connolly’s, 150 East 47th Street (btw. Lex+3rd),  212-692-3942


  • That looks like a great deal!

  • I stopped going there after my coworker got sick after eating mussels when we had dinner at Connoly’s once. This was over 5 years ago though.

    • I don’t think it’s panini pressed. Its just a classic way to heat the buns by putting them directly on the grill. The just happen to close the sandwich instead of delivering it opened so the cheese adheres to the lid.

  • I thought replying to myself was confusing enough.

    In other words… huh? Whats Blondie got to do with what I said? :)

  • It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but this place also has really good nachos. I forget the price (somewhere in the $12 neighborhood) but you get a monstrous portion of chips loaded with the traditional stuff. It’s amazing that of all the places in Midtown where I’ve had nachos that Connolly’s ranks near the top, but it is what it is.

  • ‘ hot, crunchy, and salty’

    Blondie! you said you would never tell!

  • If I were really, REALLY, hungry — like after returning from a trek across the sands of the Eastern Shore, I may, MAY, be able to sit down, and like a normal civilized Caucasian carnivore, devour that burger.

    Then again, maybe I would go to “Five Guys.”

    YEAH, that option might work for me.

    Carrion, please.

  • Avoid late night excursions to Connolly’s.

    The bar specials sound decent though.

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