Kim’s Aunt Is Still a Mystery

The much loved Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart got the Serious Eats treatment yesterday, and the writer still couldn’t figure out who exactly Kim’s Aunt is. There’s nothing they tried that we haven’t covered before (fish sandwich is cheap and amazing, bulgogi/fried shrimp platter is huge), and it says the cart opened only two years ago (it’s been open way longer than that) but their photos, as always, are pretty!


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    I ordered the whiting fish over rice which stated $5.50 on the menu. When I went to pay, he charged $8. WTF?

  • Kim’s Aunt is just like Jimmy Hoffa. Nobody knows.

  • I don’t know if the owner of Kim’s aunt cart had a same intention but in Korea, it’s very common to see small restaurants named after aunt whatever. Supposely, it sounds friendly and authentic…and makes you feel like you are having a home cooked meals..not a restaurant food.

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