At Lunch Now: Delays at New Bon Chon, Obviously


The opening of the new Koreatown Bon Chon has been much more subdued than when neighboring Kyochon opened the door on its spaceship themed chicken shack. While the lines haven’t been particularly long, the wait is still classic Bon Chon. The new, faster frying process owner Simon Lee told us about last week doesn’t seem to have been implemented yet. As of 1:30pm, customers were being told that any order would take at least 20 minutes. My small, mixed order took half an hour to show up.

Also note that the entree options, which include tonkatsu and bulgogi tacos(!) are not available yet, but hopefully will be in the next day or two. With less than a week under their belt, clearly, this is all still a work in progress, so have patience and, if you’ve got the time, enjoy the leisurely pace by watching the Yankees game playing on one of the projectors.

Let the Fried Chicken Wars Begin: New Bon Chon Opens Today


  • the wood on those columns is 100 years old and reclaimed from the Brooklyn Bridge. pretty cool!

  • you think they’re trying out the kfc style in a pressure cooker? i think they bang out chicken in like 5-7 minutes.

  • I was at a Bon Chon once and NO ONE else was there on a Saturday….they said it would take 30 minutes!!!! Do they hatch the chickens, wait for them to grow, then take them to slaughter before they fry those wings? I just don’t get the big delay on a tiny item being fried.

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    from what i’ve heard the sauce contains 35 different chemicals in which sodium and msg content is HUGE. add on top of that being double fried…just what my arteries and veins need, a real heart clogger.

  • They must have sent their best fryer-masters to the new location. I went to the 38th Street place on Monday and it was the worst I’ve ever had there. The chicken was kind of greasy, the fries soggy.

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