Sampling the Joyride Truck’s Fro-yo

Joyride Truck

A couple weeks ago, Luncher Robert put us on the alert that Joyride the new coffee and fro-yo truck was making the rounds in midtown. Being a lover of both coffee and fro-yo I had to check it out. Their menu after the jump.

Joyride Menu

I found the truck hanging out at 52nd and 6th after lunch last Thursday. There wasn’t a line so it gave me plenty of time to peruse the menu. When I heard about their “buzzed” yogurt, I thought that it would be coffee flavored much like my beloved coffee Frogurt from Bloomingdales, but it was actually just their original fro-yo (which the guy on the truck told me was their own blend of Fage Greek yogurt and Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt) with caffeine added. Trying to cut back on the caffeine, but still need a fix? They call their yogurt swirl “half caf.” Cute, but if I’m going to have caffeine I kind of want it to taste like coffee so I decided to go with the original yogurt.

Fro yo from Joyride

As Robert mentioned, the yogurt was decidedly Pinkberry-esque; a little more on the icy side than creamy. Unlike other fro-yo joints where the base price includes yogurt only and you have to pay extra for toppings the guy on the truck said that Joyride’s yogurt price includes as many toppings as fit with prices that slightly undercut Pinkberry’s (a small original at Joyride will run you $4 where as a small original with toppings at Pinkberry will run you $4.45).

Next time I’m trying the coffee side of the menu. The Jeffrey Paul sounds good…a double shot of Mariebelle hot chocolate with a double shot of Stumptown. Anyone tried any of the other goods from Joyride?

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    I am so excited to see that you did a review of this truck. I have been following them on twitter and have got addicted to their froyo. I found Joyride’s froyo much creamier than the froyo at places like Pinkberry or Red Mango. I suspect this is because they use Greek Yogurt and other places do not.
    I also really like that I now have an alternative way of getting a caffeine fix with the Buzzed froyo instead of coffee.

  • Got an iced coffee earlier (adventurous, i know), and must say, it was one of the better ones, compared to what i have regularly (dunkin, starbucks, pret). at $3, for what would be a grande at starbucks, its a little pricier, but it was right outside my building, so i can’t complain.

    a good choice of milk/creamers too, she rattled them off quite fast, but i think had from whole to skim milk, organic soy and half/half?

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    I tried the The Jeffrey Paul the other day. It was basically clumpy chocolate with espresso. I needed a spoon. I ran back to work and added milk to it. Disappointed.

  • Iced coffee was decent. Told the guy with just a little bit of skim, and he did it right. So many places mess up iced coffee these days (too sour/acidic, too much milk), but not this truck for the one I had. Also got a buzzed fro-yo, asked the guy to surprise me, and he hooked me up with mango and some special honey they got. It was pretty good. I’d walk 6 short blocks to them again if it’s 83′F out, but not when it’s 92.

  • Tried the froyo. It is def more on the icier then creamy. Tartness was similar to Pinkberry. And it melted too fast. Unlimted toppings is nice. It comes out to 4.34 or something like that. I think they charge you tax! But its a good convenient backup since pinkberry is not around.

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    I have tried some of their coffee drinks. Stumptown coffee is simply amazing. I can’t go back to any other coffee now. Can we have more Joyride trucks please to spread the coffee love! I found the Jeffrey Paul coffee drink special(espresso and chocolate) to be strong and good, but I loved the Balzac, which is essentially the Jeffrey Paul with milk. The guy on the truck made it iced for me too. It was delicious. Perfect for the chocolate lover. And, they use MarieBelle chocolate – amazing!

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