Joyride Fro-Yo & Stumptown Truck Spotted on 52nd

Got this email from Lunch’er Robert this morning about the Joyride Fro Yo Truck (first reported about by Grub Street last month) “Spotted a new truck in midtown – Joyride.  52nd and 6th.  They say it’s their second day of ops.  Fro-yo and coffee.  You can get the fro-yo caffeinated (aka “buzzed”).  I’m trying the caffeinated offering now.  Pinkberry-esque.  Coffee = Stumptown!  V tasty.  Had a double espresso at Zibetto right before so might be altogether too much buzz for me.  Now back at the office and the hands are a little shaky.  Not many people sampling.  I have a feeling they’ll eventually flee this corner (a la Schnitzel Truck) so people should try it out before they move on.”  You can follow them on Twitter here.

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