Bann Next Door Will Start Selling Korean Tacos Today

Bann Next Door Korean Tacos

In addition to Bann Next Door’s solid line-up of under $10 lunch specials, it appears that they’re set to start selling Korean style tacos this week (on 50th btw. 8+9th). The tacos are priced at $9, and diners will get a choice of proteins including garlic chicken, beef bulgogi, or spicy pork daeji bulgogi, which come with corn tortillas, “asian” salsa, spicy guacamole, and chips. Looks like Blockheads will have extra competition for taco seeking Midtown lunchers. Early adopters, let us know how they are in the comments.

Bann Next Door’s Lunch Specials Worth Every Penny


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    Just had the beef tacos. Tortillas were steamed perfectly, beef was juicy not to sweet like some other bulgogis out there. The pico was pretty damn good with a srichachan kick.

    Gauc was very water, but had a clear, but delicate avocado flavor and a slick kick.

    Rice was pretty tasty too, and the chips are considerably better than across the way. Had plenty of meat for the 3 tortillas, and then a few extra bites. Definitely worth the 10, and i’m pretty full now after eating the rice.

    My coworker had the fried chicken, which i’ve had several times before, and he, a picky eater, approves. I will say their quality seems very consistent, and good.

  • I hope it’s worth it. I guess it’s worth a try to find out for myself. Plus fried chicken option!!

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