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Got an email from Blockheads Burritos the other day, which has one location in the Midtown Lunch boundaries (3rd Ave. btw. 33+34th) and two locations just outside of the ML boundaries (one on 50th btw. 8+9th, and one on 2nd Ave. btw. 50+51st).

“I am the Administrative Assistant over at Blockheads Burritos and I’m very interested in getting our locations on your map. How can we go about this? Can you send me some literature or a link? Maybe even a call? Thank you in advance!”

I’ll tell you how you get on the map… serve good lunch food, for cheap- and if the Midtown Lunch readers deem you worthy, then you get added to the canon of official Midtown Lunches.  I admit Blockheads is not completely off the radar…  it’s been mentioned by a few commenters and Profiled Midtown Lunch’ers (most notably Kristy) and I have considered crossing 8th Ave. on many occasions to try one of their burritos.  But part of the former L.A. resident in me feels a little bit of skepticism towards this after-work-party-spot.  They do have a $9 lunch combo (which includes chips, salsa, and a soda) which is intriguing. 

Anybody been?  Thoughts?  I’ll leave this one up to you guys…


  • The food is nothing special, it’s all about the cheap ‘ritas here…

  • I have walked past there a million times. The real draw is the outdoor seating. I guess I could take one for the team and try it. Not as enticing if you cant eat outside.

  • I only go here during the warmer days to take advantage of the outdoor seating. The food is alright, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price we pay for it. I definitely don’t trek over here during the colder seasons.

  • Decent, but usually sort of far down on my list of Mexican lunch options.

  • Zach, your answer is perfect. They have stepped into the ring …. release the lions

    One meal on 3rd & 33rd years ago was unmemorable but maybe they’ve changed

  • I used to order Blockheads when I worked late nights near the 50th St. location. The food is good. It’s probably over $10, but it’s a decent late night at work dinner spot.

    I went there once on a Friday afternoon. The nachos were soggy and the service sucked. So it’s hit or miss.

  • Adam,
    A better option in that neighborhood, especially for delivery is Fresco Tortilla. They make good, tasty stuff.


  • I’ve had it once. As has been said, not awful but not terrible.

    I’ll take some dirty Mexican any day.

  • Definitely not “real” mexican by any means, but good if you are craving somewhat healthy faux mexican that’s a bit fresher tasting than chipotle. They do a decently priced $8.95 lunch special that includes a choice of various (giant) burritos / quesadillas served with chips, salsa, and soda. The plus for blockheads is that for they allow you to customize your burrito pretty nicely at no extra charge for many items, e.g. whole wheat tortilla rather than regular, brown rice instead of spanish rice, etc. The fillings are fairly bland, so I’d recommend getting these with no rice at all since rice tends to mute the flavor even more.

  • mediocre food for mediocre people

  • We can cross 8th ave now? Really? Hmm… this opens up lots of options…

  • bland, faux mexican … i’ve eaten there a few times and felt worse for having done so. it’s easy to get lured in by chips and cocktails, but overpriced, shitty service, and crap quality.

  • i would have to agree w/ harry that fresco tortilla is better as well as baby bo’s cantina.

  • If you are already that far out, just go a little farther to Tehuitzingo or Tulcingo del Valle.

  • I order from Blockheads on Seamless all the time. They serve a mini burrito lunch special (their normal burritos are way too big for most people) that comes with a sexy little side salad. Def one of my favorite delivery lunches to the office.

  • ‘Sexy little side salad’

    One shudders to thing what Dan uses as dressing.

  • WHAT?? WHAT HAPPENED TO POPEYES???? Why did you say such nice things about KFC??? My feelings are a-twist.

  • “It shouldn’t be a surprise that the best fast-food chicken I’ve tasted is at KFC” –Zach Brooks, NY Daily News 11/16/08.

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