Shake Shack Empty Over the Weekend

Yesterday I found myself giving Midtown some weekend love in the form of showing a tourist family member around. (I know, it sucks.  But it had to be done.)  I decided my sweet reward would be a little concrete action from the newly open Shake Shack (on 8th Ave. and 44th) I’ve been hearing about (lines be damned!) And guess what? No line. None, whatsoever. Maybe all the tourists were down in Madison Square Park? Or maybe they’re just scared of 8th Avenue? Regardless, if you’re dying for one of the new concretes,  (or feel the need to pick up a little onesie for a cute baby) clearly the weekend is the time to do it… although I’m guessing it’s just a matter of time before the tourists get hip to the new location and descend en masse. Can’t bring yourself to venture into Midtown during the weekend? At least prepare yourself for the lunchtime wait with our handy guide to the Shack Shack line.


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