Lily Lolly Ice Cream Pop Cart Hits Herald Square

Lily Lolly at Herald Square

We’re being beat by the heat here in Midtown, so imagine our joy on Friday when Lunch’er Asaf told us about a new ice cream pop cart Lily Lolly which just started parking on 34th and Broadway last week – opposite of Macy’s massive red sign. We stopped by a couple of hours ago to see if the ice offerings were worth the $3.50 price (especially with $1 soft serve available this afternoon.) Happy to report: YES THEY ARE.

Check out Lily Lolly’s ice pop flavors after the jump.

Lily Lolly's 50's Orange Lolly

I tried the “50′s Orange Lolly” which is a white chocolate-dipped modern day creamsicle made with orange liqueur and fresh oranges straight from her friend’s Californian orchard, the owner Nadia says. Fresh ice pops and small ice cream tubs cost $3, while ice cream pops go for $3.50.

Lily Lolly Oranges and Lemons ice popLily Lolly French Twist
Lily Lolly Chocolate SwirlLily Lolly small ice cream tubs

Lily Lolly’s range of flavors makes it the Willy Wonka of ice cream pops in our book. There are ice pops made from fresh mint to ones that use Campari. Plus, Nadia’s pistachio-and-rose-flavored ice cream pop was created in collaboration with her James Beard award winning cookbook author mom, Claudia Roden. The cart’s got a LOT going for it, except for its downtown kitchen location, which makes pushing the cart uptown in the heat every day somewhat of a daunting task for the tiny woman. In other words, she’ll probably only stay in Midtown if we show her the love, so screw your coffee break today and stop by for a three-chocolate Chocolate Swirl pop instead. You’ll thank Asaf too.

Lily Lolly, 34th St and Broadway, on the island between Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret.


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