$1 Ice Cream Truck is Back in Action

Time Warner Ice Cream Truck

Last week, on my way to the Shake Shack to try out the new concrete menu, I passed by Bryant Park and saw an ice cream truck I’d never noticed before. Turned out it was the famed Time Warner $1 ice cream truck back again for the Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. The truck is appearing around the city throughout the summer selling Mister Softee style vanilla and chocolate cones and cups with or without sprinkles for the suggested donation of $1 and donating the funds to local museums. They’ll be in Bryant Park every Monday night through August 16th from approximately 4 p.m. until 10 p.m.  And what do you know… today is Monday!

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  • Oh, BABY! That chick with the jail-shirt could buy me an ice cream ANY time she wanted .

    I LOVE athletic legs almost as much as I love ice cream.

    Be still my racing heart!

    Carrion, please.

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