At Lunch Now: $1 Monday Ice Cream Alert


I’ve only heard about this magical truck, but had never seen it until this afternoon… the “Time Warner Cable” $1 ice cream truck is parked on 40th btw. 5+6th right now selling $1 ice cream cones (all proceeds benefit charity.) It’s Mr. Softee style cones (chocolate, vanilla, or swirl), with your choice of chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. They’ll be parked in that spot until 9pm tonight (8/3). Enjoy!


  • That is VERY cool, if it’s on the level (‘all proceeds benefit charity’) — but, inquiring minds want to know, WHAT charity, and how is ‘proceeds’ being defined?

  • woo hoo. Thanks for the info. I am gonna grab one or two on my way to Port Authority after work.

  • Great! If only they could fix my cable as well.

  • Ha! Jeff!
    My damn Time Warner internet connection sucks bigger cock than George Michael!

  • @Mamacita.. What, George Michael is gay?!?!

    Sure I just spent over a couple of thousand of dollars on a new home theatre setup and the picture is digitized crap when viewing timewarner HD cable.. but hey, they are offering up cheap ice cream… so all is forgive right? Hell, they owe me that entire ice cream truck! Free scoop on me Mamacita for your internet woes… cuz we all know how fustrating it is to watch cyberporn when it constantly skips ;P

  • hee hee!! That reminds me: Hey WAYNE!! Remember to empty your cache before leaving work!

  • Hopefully genetic research, DocChuck, with the intent of eliminating the chance of another person remotely like you from ever existing

  • M, that’s not a problem anymore now that Zach instituted logins! Real browsers like Opera, Safari and Firefox that feature private browsing mode no longer leave the mark of ‘anonymous’ on ML….

    next time you sit on my lap, I’ll show you

  • I had it last night with chocolate sprninkles but I still like my $1 strawberry ice cream sundae with peanuts from McDonald.

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