New York Finally Gets Free Chick-Fil-A!

Chick-fil-a has long been high up on the long wishlist of food options that Midtown Lunchers have been clamoring for. With the exception of a sole location in the NYU food court (closed for the summer), the entire city is without the combination of luscious chicken filets wrapped between soft, buttery rolls and topped with a tangy pickle. And if that weren’t bad enough, a couple years ago, the company started making annual trips to our fair city offering their delicious sandwiches for free to the media elites on “Cow Appreciation Day”. It’s so upsetting, we felt the need to issue PSAs warning Lunchers to not get too excited if they saw Chick-fil-a employees wandering around Midtown with giant cases full of southern delights.

Well, Chick Fil A has finally responded to our pain!

Tomorrow is “Cow Appreciation Day” and this year as part of their fairly silly (but effective) ad campaign, they’ll be driving a doubledecker bus around New York handing out 750 free sandwiches between 10am and 1pm.  They will be giving location hints on Twitter and checking in on FourSquare for any followers willing to run out of the office as soon as they get the message for some tasty, tasty chicken (apparently at 11am they will definitely be in front of the Natural History Museum, but beyond that nothing has been announced.) It doesn’t say whether or not you’ll have to dress up as a cow to get the free sandwich- but you might want to just in case! [via Eater]


  • When you visit Chick-fil-a, make certain that you look reverent, pious, and innocent. You may well get a larger serving for the same price.

    Trust me. I know.

  • ultraclay, thank you for this wonderful, wonderful news.


    • Been, and gone. It was in a food court in the front of a supermarket between the Kosciusko and Gates J stops in Brooklyn. I visited last summer thinking it might be worthwhile: all the signage still *looked* like Bojangles, the boxes and bags still *said* Bojangles, but Bojangles had recently taken their name back.

      It wasn’t very good, as you might expect.

  • Obviously this is great news, but why would they do a promo in a city where they’re not doing business? Free press?

  • Pretty much.

    I actually spoke to someone from there to see if I could get a scoop on where I should set up my tent tonight. (No luck!)

    I was told that they want to get into the market eventually, but don’t expect to for years.

    Apparently, most locations in other areas get the majority of their business through the drive-thru and they don’t know how they’d manage to operate stores where people actually walk.

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but whatev, so long as I get some of that tasty chicken tomorrow, I’m good.

  • there is a Chick-Fil-A in Manhattan on the campus of NYU, in their food hall…. very few people know this…. it has sandwiches, fries and nuggets/strips.

  • Who do we need to talk to to get some nuggets on the bill for CAD 2011?

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    Great! But it is sad to know that Chick-fil-A is being protested over observed promotion of organizations with anti-gay agendas. A PA location of Chick-fil-A provided catering to a marriage seminar put on by a conservative evangelical team that is hostile to Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender causes. This has created demonstrations and petitions to boycott.

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