Rickshaw Dumpling Truck Loses Anita Lo

There were more than a few Anita Lo fans at last year’s Vendy Awards who wondered how the amazing and talented chef (of the newly reopened Anissa) could be behind the just ok food from the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck.  Answer? She’s not… anymore that is.  The Chef told FloFab yesterday that she will not be renewing her contract with the 5 year old company. Eater, for one, is not surprised.  “Her star is rising once again and the dumplings are not exactly the city’s best.” Ouch.  For the record, we’ve always seen the good (and the bad) in Rickshaw.  The ML faithful?  Not so much.


  • Not for nothing but Anissa wasn’t very good either.

    • I loved Anissa when I went a few years ago

      • Try it again (I know you’re in LA), it wasn’t that it was bad, it was that for that much money, you could get such a better meal, or get the same meal for a lot less money. That’s all. It was the value proposition.

  • Said this before, but anybody know why RDT doesn’t do their Bento Box specials (the ones they do at the brick-and-mortar restaurant)?

  • Only had Rickshaw once, I wasn’t particularly impressed.

  • finally someone agrees, I’ve been saying that for years… Rickshaw dumplings have nothing on the “real” authentic ones from chinatown or flushing… even mandoo bar in ktown

  • Maybe people will come to their senses and go elsewhere for dumplings. Maybe not…

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    Five years of lending your name and hype to the crappiest dumplings in town. And just walk away with no explanation.

    That stink ain’t gonna wash off easy, nor should it.

    RD could have been great; I still like the concept.

    But five years of being a consulting chef, and nearly five straight years of person after person pointing out how much the dumplings suck, and she didn’t find some way to improve the product? I guess you can’t hear the critics over the roar of approval from the hipster lemmings, who will seemingly line up for whatever crap du jour is the hot food blog topic.

    Somehow she constantly gets away without being asked the hard questions. Anita Lo must be one damn charming woman.

  • Went to Annisa recently, post fire, and I thought it was really great.

  • i bet anita lo couldnt WAIIIIIIIIT to get out of her contract… I thought rickshaw dumpling was an awesome concept when it FIRST opened, i remember watching the special on them when they first started but its sort of went downhill fast… all their dumplings taste like frozen dumplings youd buy at some super market.. and when they fry their dumplings they just dump a bunch of oil and toss the dumplings in. where as other more authentic places use those cast iron round pans where the dumplings are neatly placed and only the bottom is lightly fried to a perfect brown crust.

    I like the attempt of the fusion dumplings but they definitely need to step up the quality to separate themselves from frozen and restaurant quality. O and they DEFINITELY need to do something about their over the top price

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