Bouchon Bakery to Take Over Rock Center Dean & Deluca

Good news for Bouchon Bakery fans who work closer to Rock Center than to Columbus Circle.  Today the New York ‘Times reported that a new Bouchon Bakery will be taking over the Dean & Deluca that faces the rink in Rock Center. It makes sense, since they have another location right around the corner (on 48th btw. 5+6th).  The new Bouchon Bakery will have outside seating when it’s nice, but no waiter service- and according to the article everything will be made in house.


  • Wow, great news..though still not close to my office building, i can def go there in the morning for sweet breakfast on my way to work.

  • The best chicken dumpling soup just got closer, I think I may be more excited about this than Shake Shack… I think.

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    Not a Bouchon Bakery! Say it ain’t so. That tantalizing temptress, menage a chocolate, has it in for me. You know I’m weak for your ganache-filled flaky layers. Now you’re moving in next door. You were suppose to be an out-of-bounds, infrequent fling. Now you’re gonna be the death of me. I wish I knew how to quit you.

  • they are going to open next march…why can’t they open like 2 weeks from today….=(

  • Yeah, I never understood why there were 2 D&Ds there…this is awesome news!!

    I’m just hoping tourists don’t hog up all the outdoor seats.

  • D&D is useful in that they carry (inadequate stock of) Donut Plant donuts. I don’t know Bouchon, but it sounds like I will soon.

  • Oh yeah!!! i mean…. Oh oui…

  • bad move on the part of D&D. They get hours of advertising every morning on the Today Show.

  • Best news I have heard all day! Damn, going to have to budget in some extra coin for this stuff.

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