First Look: The New Dean & Deluca


I hate over-priced food, but there is a soft spot in my heart for Dean & Deluca.  Probably because I could spend hours roaming the big one in Soho (even though I’ve never actually buy anything), just staring at the meats and cheeses and flavored salts and meats and fruit and bread and cheeses and seafood and meats and cheeses and desserts.  Did I mention the mention the meats & cheeses?

Anyway, Dean & Deluca opened their third spinoff in Midtown yesterday, on 48th btw. 5+6th (on the North side of the street).  Unlike the “Cafes” in the Paramount Hotel, or the one next to the Rock Center skating rink (which is right around corner), this location is pretty spacious and will have a much larger focus on lunch.  The normal array of baked goods and sweets are there, but the prepared foods section is much larger, and they even have a station where you can order a custom made sandwich (the other two only sell pre-made sandwiches).

More Dean & Deluca porn after the jump…


  • Cinnabon… Ms Field’s Cookies… ‘Wichcraft… now Dean and Deluca… what great lunch suggestions!! I’ve never heard of any of those before!

  • He has a point…

  • so does a prick

  • Wow, so ML updates us on a few chains. Why don’t you start a blog and find some great hidden lunch spots, “Calling You Out”? Lazy old bat.

  • :>) CHow lol my work here is done.

  • “My view is that to get anywhere in life you have to be anti-social, otherwise you’ll end up being devoured. I’ve never been particularly social, anyway, but if I’ve ever been rude, fifty per cent of it has usually been provoked by other people’s attitudes.”

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