Margon is Closed for the Week

Thanks to Lunch’er Chris for taking one for the team today… “Just a friendly PSA – Margon is currently closed until July 12.  Apparently the restaurant takes a one week vacation every year, the week after the 4th.  I learned this lesson the hard way today.”


  • The fast food past spot on Lex and 40th has been giving out free samples all day in little chinese food take out boxes… not bad! but not great either.

    • It actually made me crave chienese so I went to Mapo, and yes, once again… Very bizarre scene in there, it was empty except all the workers at the back and the first thing the guy said was “to stay or go?” I imagine if I would have said stay, he would have told me to leave, very strange scene in there, I didnt notice at first, but yeah. They’re commies for sure.

  • Funny I almost went there today. Thanks Chris!

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