Midtown Links (The “See You on Tuesday… At the Shake Shack?” Edition)

If this doesn’t put you in the mood for the 4th, nothing will. Photo by FiM

  • F&W’s Dana Cowin lunches at the bookstore outlet of Cafe Zaiya [Grub Street]
  • ‘wichcraft’s breakfast sandwich is just aiight [SENY]
  • Top 7 Cabbie Eats include some ML classics [Taxi Gourmet]
  • Fay Da’s “red bean ice” is meh [Food in Mouth]
  • There is something about holiday weekends that new restaurants love… Shake Shack might open on Tuesday [Eater]


  • HAHAHA. I was just at Coney Island on Friday eating an original Nathan’s and chili-dog, washing it down with a large lemonade, and sharing the large crinkle-cut fries.

    Too bad no Kobayashi this year. BOO!!

  • I have to tell you, that after looking at that photo of wonderful, American, delicious food — I am DEFINITELY in the mood for some good, AMERICAN food.

    Carrion please.

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