Midtown Links (The “Napalm Burger” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Always Hungry

  • The Napalm Burger from the just out of bounds Sandwich Planet looks like-a-one-a-spicy-a-meatball! [Always Hungry]
  • If you’re going to hit up the new Macaron Cafe on Monday, the Norwegian looks like a good option [SENY]
  • I guess not everybody thinks the burger at Schnipper’s is mediocre [Burger Conquest]
  • On July 1st the Southwest Porch in Bryant Park will have a free BBQ [Eater]


  • Why do they call it ‘napalm’?

    Does it burn a crazy long time? Is there liquid cheese on the inside?

    Oh btw, to make napalm you need to dissolve styrofoam in gasoline…..it makes this stringy liquid that sticks to everything and burns forever.

    • I just had this burger.
      - It’s a cajun blackened burger on a roll with jack+cheddar, fresh jalapeno, and habanero sauce.

      - The cajun seasoning makes it a bit too salty (but not objectionable). The fresh jalapenos are tasty, the habaneros round out the heat. The burger was a perfect medium (bright pink, no grey or red).

      - They have a few draft beers that are pretty decent and only $3.50

      Overall, it’s particularly hot (for me, but ChrisH, DaveW, StreatMeasOnsumer and I split 2 orders of Nuclear wings once) and pretty tasty. $9 for the burger (no fries), $3.50 for the beer, and I’d gladly walk past Shake Shack for it.

  • Next up on this episode of ‘Weapons you can make at Home’ — Cheeeese will demonstrate how to build a real ‘Marvin the Martian’ style death ray gun using only a metal ice cream scoop, duct tape, and The Famous Halal Guys hot sauce.

    Stay tuned, we’ll be back after this commercial break….

  • Whatever the point of the post may be, and despite any ‘juvenile’ and irrelevant comments which the post may attract, this burger is definitely a ‘thing of beauty’, at LEAST for burger lovers, life myself.

    Thank you for the culinarily-orgasmic photo.

    Carrion, please.

  • Thermite is powdered aluminum and iron oxide (rust) mixed together in a 2/3 1/3 ratio if I remember correctly….light it with a magnesium ribbon and it will burn through almost anything. For example, put it on the hood of a car and it will burn through the engine block and then go straight through the pavement.

    Anything else Fred?

  • Cheeeeese is MacGruber…

    • MacGruber always ends up getting blown (Not bad) up (Bad), so I don’t wanna be him. I just read a lot of the Anarchists Cookbook almost 10 years ago.

      Also, I still want that burger.

  • The burger’s creator must think that the burger is really or perhaps he thinks its REALLY HOT. Either way, I think the melted Velveta or other “pasteurized cheese product” would ruin both the presentation of the burger as well as the hoped-for enjoyment of eating it. Personally, I think a quality sharp cheddar, properly melted by the heat of the patties is the only way to go.

    BTW, when using quotation marks to indicate a title or as a substitute for italics, etc. it requires an opening and a closing of double marks – single marks are used only to indicate a quote made within a quote. Obviously, someone didn’t do well in English class with respect to grammar and punctuation. Just saying…

  • if you buy one you get to set vietnamese kids on fire.

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