Another 3 Things Midtown Needs From San Fran

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After visits to the Bay Area last year, Zach came back first with five and then another three lunches that Midtown really needs to have. I was out there for most of last week and found even more delicious lunch goodness that I would love to see Midtown borrow from the left coast.

First thing we need is an amazing food court like they have at the Westfield Mall, San Francisco Centre. With more than 20 eateries in ML range, there’s Chinese, pasta, Korean Barbecue, Tri-tips, fish shacks and more to wade through. It’s enough to explore for weeks. See what I had and some of the other points on my wishlist after the jump.

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At San Francisco Centre, I had Jody Maroni’s, a sausage shop that hasn’t been in Midtown since that one branch in the old 42nd Street food court closed years ago. I skipped over the kielbasa and Italian sausages that looked good, but I felt like I could get elsewhere. Instead had a smoked chicken special. I usually expect pork to make the best sausage, but this was surprisingly good.  Westfield Mall, San Francisco Centre, Dining Concourse. 845 Market Street.

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The second thing we need are the hand held pot pies sold at The Cravery just across the street from the Westfield in SOMA. They sell flaky pockets filled with different flavors of beef or chicken, including traditional, cracked pepper spiced and barbecue. I never managed to get the Tuck Shop meatpies that used to be in the Cyber Cafe on 49th Street, but these are a little saucier than most Australian-style pies. The Cravery, 829 Mission Street. 415.882.7300

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Lastly, what we absolutely need is more Filipino food. There’s not nearly enough of it in New York and with Bayan Cafe gone, none in Midtown. Kusina ni Tess was right across the street from my hotel, just on the border of Union Square and the Tenderloin. I didn’t have lunch there, but I had a great breakfast of garlic fried rice, a fried egg and two small, sweet longaniza sausages. The rice wasn’t particularly fried, but deeply garlicky. I could have used another egg, just to have more runny yolk to soak into it all. Kusina ni Tess, 237 Ellis Street. 415.351.1169

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As a bonus, I have to add another taco topping that is nearly impossible to find in Midtown. Last year, Zach wanted more lengua. Even now, El Rey del Sabor is about the only place I know in Midtown that serves that. But, I don’t know any place that’s got cabeza tacos like I had at Taqueria Cancun. Meat from the beef head is a mixture of textures… some of it is soft and tender, like lengua, while other parts are thicker and meatier.  Yes please. Taqueria Cancun, 1003 Market Street. 415.864.6773

3 More Lunches Midtown Needs from SF: A Roli Roti Porchetta Truck, Meat Cones, & Tongue Tacos
5 Things Midtown Needs From San Francisco


  • Jody Maroni’s? Like, the mall/airport food? Why not list Panda Express and Hot Dog and a Stick too?

  • I’m sorry, but two pieces of dog shit looking stuff on a plate of rice does not entice me.

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    Notice that the tacos have a lot of meat, a little onion, cilantro, and a dash of salsa. It’s not covered in some non-descript green or red sauce. This is why El Rey is still inferior to SF taquerias. The disparity is even more obvious when you go somewhere like Dos Toros. I really wish someone would bring Taqueria Cancun or El Farrolito style Mexican to Manhattan.

  • we need a banh mi/ pho noodle cart…

  • Does this mean we need more malls?

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    If you have time, you should get out to Oakland and try the fried chicken sandwich at Bakesale Betty. It is one of the most perfectly delicious things I’ve ever eaten. Really, really, really, really good. Also, I was purusing the earlier posts you linked to and noticed that you were looking for good Vietnamese and had made your way to SoCal. If that happens again, go to any one of the thousands (literally) of Vietnamese places in Garden Grove’s Little Saigon. You will be happy you did.

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