McCormick & Schmick’s Add $10 Bar Lunch Specials

From Lunch’er “Michael”

In addition to the best food happy hour in midtown, Mccormick & Schmick’s (on 52nd and 6th Ave.) now has $10 lunches at the bar. The selections look pretty good… three of them have seafood, which I do not care for, the fourth is a sandwich with brie, which I also do not care for, and the fifth is a cobb salad- and I don’t need to spend $10 for that. BUT, a half a shrimp po boy and lobster bisque for $10? For the right person, that’s pretty sweet. Linguine with clam sauce? Dunno how many clams might be in there, but it sounds like it has potential. So, I guess since it’s at the bar only, with a drink and a tip it’s gonna be over $10, but it’s right in range, and there aren’t many places you’re going to find a sit down lunch in a pleasant, air-conditioned restaraunt, and get a half shrimp sandwhich with some lobster bisque for ten bucks, $15 with a pint of beer or a glass of wine.

$10 for half a po’boy and lobster bisque sounds like a pretty awesome deal to us.  Looking for something a bit meatier?  Michael has one more rec…

PS By the way, good as the M&S deal looks, I bet none of it as good as the Carnegie John’s burger I just had for lunch 20 minutes ago. With all the burger places popping up in midtown, when the inevitable Time Out or ahamburgertoday, or New York magazine midtown burger roundups get written later this year, I hope that some of them include CJ in the comparisons. I’m a picky mofo when it comes to burgers, and that guy always delivers the goods. For five bucks!

Indeed it does. Indeed it does.

McCormick & Schmick’s Has NYC’s Best Food Happy Hour Ever


  • It’s about damn time they added the $10 lunch menu. Almost every M&S in the country has one, now I have a reason to stop in when I’m in midtown.

  • Half a shrimp ‘po’boy’ accompanied by a bowl of lobster bisque for $10.00?

    Hell, my wife and I cannot even buy that lunch in NOLA for that price — which makes me wonder — are we comparing apples to oranges (quality-wise, that is), perhaps?

    Carrion, please.

  • It grinds me gears when restaurants use the term, ‘ahi tuna’. We’re not in Hawaii and this isn’t 1990. Just call it a fucking Yellowfin tuna.

  • Chris, perhaps its just shorter to write, instead of “yellowfin”.

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