Midtown Shake Shack Opening This Month!?

According to Grub Street, the Shake Shack being built on 8th Ave. and 44th Street will be opening this month.  We are so ready for this…


  • Working at 44th n 7th…I feel…I am…the luckiest…burger fiend alive…

  • I want to be super excited for this. But I know the line will always be huge. I’ll probably have to eat lunch at 1030am if I ever want it. SIGH.

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  • Oh man, this is good! @Bullit, don’t get so pessimistic yet. The UWS Shack had heavy lines at first when it opened but that soon diminished. Give this place a couple months or go on off hours like 11am or 2pm… but I doubt it will ever be as crazy as the original.

    • @Mamacita you mean Lou? lol i cant wait for it to open, i’ll go opening day and wait on line, then other days ill just take early/late lunches, i’m stoked =D and doughnutplant mixins for the concrete?…o…m…g…its gonna be a good summer…

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    So many burger places, so little time…

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    With apologies to the area inspired by this site, has anyone heard more about the UES one opening on 86th between 3rd and Lex? Thought they had said June but there’s no signs of anything on its way.

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