Bahamian Truck Giving Out Free Food This Week

Photo courtesy of Twitter

All this week the Bahamas tourism board will have a truck parked in New York City handing out free food to promote the Bahamas. Yesterday they were parked on 48th btw. 7+8th handing out mac & cheese, Junkanoo drumsticks and virgin Bahama Mamas. Today’s location hasn’t been posted on their twitter account yet, but as soon as it is we’ll post it here. Freeloaders, prepare to engage…  UPDATE: Booooooooooo!  They’re downtown today (although apparently they will be moving around throughout the day.)  Hopefully Midtown will be in their plans again before the end of the week…


  • What, no conch fritters?

  • what i would do for some good conch fritters…

  • I hear you.

    Conch is good stuff, but when you’re in Nassau, you can only get it on certain days — that’s the days that the “bacteria count” is at an acceptable level in the area where the divers get the conch.

    No one (of the ‘officials’, that is) in Nassau was EVER able to tell me just exactly what the “acceptable bacteria count” was.

    So, during my 6-month’s internship teaching at the College of the Bahamas, I ate a whole bunch of conch, and yet I lived to tell about it.

    Carrion, please.

  • I love conch salad!!!!!!!!! had some in the Bahamas under the bridge to Paradise Island at a shack that a taxi driver took us to. So damn fresh

  • Mac n cheese is a draw? To go to the Bahamas?

  • Simply out of curiosity I emailed and then telephoned the College of the Bahamas to inquire about obtaining a copy of the “Docs” records with regards to his “internship” and teaching there. Oddly enough, the lady who spoke with quite a British accent assured me that no such records exist and that she is quite certain that there are none with regards to either the “doc’s” (or for that matter the B HO(LE)of liberalism) having ever interned or taught there. She laughed when I suggested that perhaps both had paid their high-priced attorneys to hide the records, LOL.

    Nonetheless, living through an “experience” (even when solely imagined) and being able to tell about it (translated: blow smoke about the farcical claim) doesn’t assure one that eating Conch for SIX MONTHS may not negatively affect one’s thought processes, hmmmm.

  • looks like it’s not just the Bahamas…on my way to work this morning I passed an Austrian truck giving away free coffee’s….sadly I had JUST stopped at Dunkin’ and didn’t have a free hand for another coffee…they can be tracked at or…according to the flyer I got.

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