Street Sweets Adds Gelato Sandwiches (And Real Sandwiches) To Menu

Street Sweets Truck

Street Sweets introduced their new expanded menu yesterday and added a bunch of items, like gelato sandwiches and lunchtime sandwiches. Since I’m an ice cream sandwich fiend, I decided to brave the rush hour crowd and ventured west from Midtown East after work to snag a gelato sandwich and to check out their new offerings.

Check them out after the jump…

Street Sweets hazelnut gelato in chocolate chip cookie sandwich

When the lady in the truck handed me the medium-size hazelnut gelato sandwich cookie, I had to admit the thing looked pretty kick-ass. But, it turns out they use Ciao Bella gelato, which made me wonder whether I should save my $3.50 and make a gelato sandwich with the Ciao Bella that’s sitting in my fridge at home. Sadly, I wasn’t too pumped about the not-quite-soft-or-crisp-enough cookies either, which I chose out of four cookie options.

But if you like Street Sweets’ cookies, well, you’ve hit the gelato sandwich cookie jackpot! I wasn’t in love with the chocolate chip, but maybe I should’ve asked for the gelato between Street Sweets’ signature macarella, the Zach-approved macaroon + nutella combo cookie.

Street Sweets sandwiches

I didn’t have a regular sandwich too, but I checked out what they had. The grilled chicken paillard with roasted peppers & pickled onion on ciabatta sounded good. As did the Prosciutto with arugula, tomato and butter on country bread. I wasn’t able to tell them apart in their cellophane wrapping, but they looked hefty for $5-$8 sandwiches.

Street Sweets is in Flatiron today, but they’ll be back in Midtown on Wednesday parked on 52nd St. east of Lex. Follow their exact location on Twitter, or on the ML twitter tracker. Has anybody tried their lunchtime sandwiches? Let us know what you thought in the comments…

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