Tri Tip Grill Doesn’t Tolerate Chewy Meat

If you’re paying under $10 for steak, you’d expect to get a not so tender piece here and there. But apparently Tri Tip Grill, the “best thing in [the] Rock Center” concourse, doesn’t operate like that. From Lunch’er “John”

Hey guys–

I normally don’t do anything like this but figured you might be interested since I remember reading a good review of the Tri Tip Grill in Rock Center about a month back (the reason I tried it in the first place, actually).

I work in the area and have gone a few times, just getting the usual thin-sliced sandwich, because after all who can resist a delicious steak sammich on fresh bread? Anyway, went this past Monday with a few friends and tried the Roadhouse Buck, which is thick-sliced with bleu cheese, fried onions, the whole deal. Looked awesome.

Only problem was, I got a super-tough piece of meat that was impossible to cut with a knife, let alone chew. Too lazy to bring it back but just not lazy enough to type for 30 seconds, I fired off an email saying just how sad it was to look at such a beautiful and sweet-smelling sandwich but not be able to eat it. I wasn’t even expecting a response back.

But instead I got this:


My name is Dave and I am the owner. I can’t tell you how awful this makes me feel. You definitely had one of the rare bad experiences at our store, and I want to make it up to you. Can I bring you lunch tomorrow to your office on us? Usually, if there is something bad like this going on with our meat we catch it and it never makes it out the door. I can promise that this is an extremely rare occurrence, and it will not happen again. If I can bring you lunch tomorrow, I can hopefully help to prove this to you.

We care deeply about our guests and want them to have the best possible experience. If you let me know where you are, I will gladly bring you a roadhouse buck and a couple of other goodies.

Thank you very much for writing to us, hearing about problems and the rarer negative experiences allows us to continue to improve to provide our guests with only the best experiences. Please accept our apologies!

Dave Kassling

So now the owner is delivering sandwiches for me and a few of my co-workers today. Pretty awesome customer service (to the point that I’m willing to shill on their behalf). -John

Tender, delicious, steak sandwiches… or your next lunch is free?! It’s like win win… until somebody lies for the free food, and they stop responding to their emails.

Tri Tip Grill May Be The Best Thing in Rock Center


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    Late to the party, I know. But I finally was in the vicinity of Tri Tip Grill around 11:30 today (before the impenetrable lunchtime line). So I ordered a little buck with onions. The meat was nice and tender – no complaints there. But I couldn’t get past the saltiness factor. This sandwich was a major salt bomb. I simply can’t risk eating there again and needlessly taunting my already high(ish) blood pressure.

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