Contributor Stalking: Chicken, Waffles, Bar Food & Ramps

Do you wonder what the ML contributors do when they’re not eating lunch in Midtown? (They’re actually pretty easy to stalk!)

Amy was up in Harlem a few weeks ago eating fried chicken and waffles at Sylvia’s, Danny tried the chicken parm at Torisi Italian Specialties in Soho, Clay tries the bar food at Black Swan in Bed Stuy, and if you go now you might be able to catch Blondie buying strawberries and ramps at the Dar Hammerskjöld Greenmarket on 47th Street and 2nd Avenue


  • Tsk Tsk, Amy. Everyone knows that Sylvia’s is for the tourists. Head on over to her niece’s spot, Melba’s for some chicken and waffles with strawberry butter. Or Amy Ruth’s.

  • chicken and waffles sounds tasty, I need to check out Melba’s and this market

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