Worst Idea Ever? Froyo Truck Hits the Streets

There’s a new front runner for least researched business venture of all time. A new truck has hit Union Square serving… wait for it… frozen yogurt! Don’t they realize that the (Pinkberry style) froyo fad has been in steady decline for over a year, and that selling ice cream from a truck not called Mr. Softee is incredibly dangerous? I’m guessing we won’t see these guys in Midtown anytime soon.


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    We already have a fro yo vendor in Midtown — the truck on the northwest corner of 45th and Sixth. The truck, which is there every day, sells both ice cream and fro yo, which is surprisingly good.

  • Maybe if beautiful ladies are serving the Fro-Yo at the truck. Otherwise, hopes for a profitable summer may be dampened…

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