When Your Poutine Restaurant Fails, Open A Truck!?

Au Pied de Cochon, MontrealListen, we would be pretty excited if a truck parked outside our office selling gravy and cheese curd topped french fries, but there’s something about this story that’s a little laughable.  Fork in the Road reported this morning that T Poutine, in the Village, has closed up shop because they couldn’t get a liquor license. But they plan on reopening the restaurant somewhere else- and in the meantime, “we’ll probably get some food trucks around to keep spreading the Canadian poutines!”

Sure! Why not?  “Get some food trucks”. You know… because getting a food truck license is soooo easy.  We so want to get our hopes up for this, but our prediction: never going to happen.  (And if it does it will be short lived.)

News Flash: New Street Vendors Are Finding It Difficult to Make Money


  • I want POUTINE.
    Somebody bring BEAVERTAILS here too!!!

  • That’ll teach ‘em to charge $7.25 for poutine! In your face, overpriced poutine!

  • Their thinking is that you can fail upward?

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    When will the Community Boards learn that when you deny liquor licenses it is anti-business and drives them away, like this place? This one seems particularly harsh and arbitrary:


    These are people’s livelihood we are talking about!

  • Interesting.

    My wife and I will be in Ontario next Monday afternoon. And we will be seeking out some decent poutine, just to see if it is worth all the New Yawk City’s cubicle worker’s ignorant hype.

    When we find out, WE will report back, to the dismay of the likes of people who have never been there, nor who have ever tasted real poutine — LOL

    Carrion, please.

    • Of course, that’s what midtownlunch.com/midtown/ readers care about… Food in Ontario eaten by someone from TX / MD / Wherever it is he claims to be…


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      @DocChuck10: I think “real poutine” would be found in Quebec and not Ontario, you know, since that’s where poutine comes from…. So good luck with that.

      Regardless, from a Midtowner who has been to Montreal and tried authentic poutine and NYC poutine: make sure you’re drunk before you eat it. The poutine I had at Pommes Frites (that’s in New York, Doc) was 10 times better.


      • I like how Sophie signed up to lay the smackdown on Chuggie. Way to stand up for Poutine!

      • WOW!

        Does that mean poutine will be off of our list of culinary orgasmic food pursuits while in Ontario?

        I think Adam has placed a CURSE upon my quest for great New Yawk City “foodie” vittles.

        Oh WELL! We will have to seek out some delicious Lake Superior seafood there in Sault Ste. Marie.

        Any suggestions, MTL friends?

        Carrion, please.

  • Looks like the contents of chuky’s Colostomy.

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    The owner of TPoutine is french-Canadian, he’s from Montreal. I think the TPoutine version is more of the authentic Canadian poutine, while the Pomme Frites version may appeal more to first timers. I think both are good but I liked all the varieties you could get at TPoutine, the one with steak on it was a full meal.
    But yeah, Montreal is where you need to go in Canada for real poutine. Getting it anywhere else is the same as getting it in the US.

  • WOW, this is ALL so confusing — and Adam has his panties in a wad — and I apparently am NOT going to get any ‘real’ poutine in Ontario — and I am so depressed.

    Not to worry, however.

    Carrion, please.

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