Miss Australia Spotted Scarfing Dogs at Rudy’s!

We all know ML loves Rudy’s. A landmark pub since 1933 they also rank in the rare files of the few old dive bars that haven’t sold out and become a tourist trap and preppy tar pit of pretentiousness. The pig still has their cheap drinks, free food, and as of late has even added more hometown comfort with fried chicken and chili. While their $7 pitchers have surely facilitated many late night hook ups, it’s not the first place that springs to mind when I’m asked, “Where do I go to meet hot chicks?”

And yet this week Rachael Finch, Miss Australia and 4th in the Miss Universe pageant, was seen placing a wiener between her buns and having a few pints at our very own Rudy’s! That’s right, it’s the TMZ edition of Midtown Lunch happy hour! Want more? Check out this video of Rachael blowing the beejesus out of the worlds luckiest latex at the Condom Olympics (fast forward to 4:49 minutes for the big moment).

Sorry… no “official” happy hour this week due to other obligations. If the photo of Rachel wasn’t enough to make up for it, let me also clue you in to maybe the most eye popping happy hour since I hit Rick’s Cabaret!! The sneak peak is after the jump…

Turns out Cheetah’s Gentlemens Club in Times Square has a happy hour! Not to be confused with a happy ending. It includes a free buffet and 2 for 1 drinks “with the Cheetah girls.” (There’s an all you can eat buffet joke here, but I’m not touching it.) This might be more then one girl could swallow, further investigation maybe required and I many need some commenters to jump into the pit with me in a few weeks.

Strip Club Lunch: Getting Crabs and Strip Steak at Rick’s Cabaret


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