Midtown Links (The “Noodles & Black Sauce From a Cart?” Edition)

Jajjangmyeon from the new Korean Noodle Cart. Photo by ExFlexitarian


  • eyes. goggles. nothing.

  • That picture is horrifying.

  • If I were locked up in the Gulag, as very well I may be some day, and my jailers presented that to me — I would NOT eat it.

    Carrion, please.

    PS. And live well and prosper in New Yawk City.

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    the last link to amateur gourmet doesnt work

  • there was a bbq at the potluck?


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    “Across the Hudson river, west of Manhattan, Farid wakes up in Jersey City, New Jersey. It is cheaper to live there than New York City, where real estate prices are famously astronomical. Farid doesn’t mind though. He walks a few blocks to take the New Jersey Transit train. It is another 25 minutes to lower Manhattan”

    Sloppy journalism from Egypt today. There are no NJ Transit trains providing service from JC to NYC, and if we assume they are referring to the PATH system, the trip from even Journal Square to WTC should take no more than about 15 minutes.

  • There was a potluck? No one even told me. Thanks a lot!! Well, your loss as you missed out on whatever dish I would’ve prepared. And y’all are officially scrubbed from my invite list–maybe you’ll hear about one of my loft parties second-hand. Enjoy Snafu.

    • Basically, you’re not going to the Snafu happy hour despite it being your bar pick? Also, you realize that you RSVP’d yes to the Korean food thread *and then never showed up despite the fact that someone tried to confirm with you at least 2x*? Did you think maybe it was discussed a bit there, and since you didn’t show up, you lost out?

      Ohhh, right. Maybe not. Never mind.

      • I also want to note that it wasn’t actually a Midtown Lunch event, and definitely not open invitation. There’s no need for hurt feelings.

  • that looks grosser than bukkake.

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