Street Vendors *Are* Heroes

The street vendors who spotted the smoking car in Times Square on Saturday night and alerted authorities are being called heroes. The car turned out to be a makeshift bomb, and there’s no telling what would have happened if the vendors hadn’t noticed. Just another reason to support putting more vendors in Times Square!


  • death to people who call the cops on them!

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    there really needs to be more of a positive connection between street vendors and police officers. vendors are there all the time and notice when things arent right but have no authority to do anything. cops are always on the lookout but really can’t be in one place all the time to notice things change.

    Might i add, fox news was praising the cop that called everyone else like crazy… but the street vendor looked like he was a criminal the way everyone surrounded him and he just got into a car and as he went in only said “if you see something, say something”

    Also they said there were 2 female cops that saw the guy running from the smoking car… and the report didnt go any farther than that about what they did, so it took the street vendor to say something in order for anyone to help, not even other cops did anything

  • they arent even allowed to pee!

  • And here’s more on the subject:

    “Basinski and the vendors said they hoped the foiled Times Square attack would help improve relations between police and street sellers. Interactions are often contentious, they said, with officers telling them to move or giving them tickets.”

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