Times Square To Allow Street Vending in the Pedestrian Plaza

Photo courtesy of Ultraclay

The Diner’s Journal blog reported yesterday that the Times Square Alliance is now accepting applications for concessions in the pedestrian plaza in Times Square. The 15 page invitation/application [PDF] that was sent out to various local businesses yesterday is pretty broad about what they will and will not accept (it doesn’t necessarily have to be food), but the important part for us was these words in section III: “Mobile carts or other light structures that can change position will be considered.”  How great would it be if some of our favorite food vendors had real spots, in Times Square, free from the cops or other brick and mortar businesses in the area?  And, quite frankly, what’s better than street food?  The tourists already have plenty of big box, big name, food options in Times Square… hopefully the folks at the Times Square Alliance will use this as an opportunity to give the hard working natives of Midtown something to get super excited about!

Applications are due by the end of May.  What would you guys like to see on the streets of Times Square?


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