ML Forums: Sardines, Street Meat, & Shilling

  • Trust us, your coworkers do not want you eating more sardines at your desk! [Miscellaneous]
  • Does anyone know what happened to the XPL on B’way? [Midtown Eating]
  • Are you a Tasti-D-Lite ice cream fan? [Midtown Eating]
  • Shilling your cafe in the forums never ends well [Midtown Eating]
  • If you didn’t check the forum yesterday then you missed out on a 31 cent Baskin Robbin’s ice cream cones [Midtown Eating]


  • Mama – advertising isn’t shilling :)

    - When a store or it’s representative is up front about representing the store promotes itself, this is advertising.

    - When someone pretends to be innocent in order to gain your confidence through deceit, this is called shilling :)

  • So well said, although a bit misguided.

    Folks who want to be lawyers sometimes cannot refrain from making statements, and posting ‘definitions’ that one may want to disregard.

    But, I understand that endless days, spent in a cubicle without windows and/or ventilation fans, can lead to mind-bending boredom.

    Carrion, please.

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