Midtown West Food Truck Bash On Sunday

Speaking of food trucks in public places, if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck in Midtown this weekend, the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market (on 39th btw. 9+10th) will host a Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar on Sunday. Frites & Meats,  Go Burger, Calexico and more will be there. (Plus some food trucks from Jersey!?) Almost makes me wish I was working this weekend.  Almost.


  • Those Jersey trucks are supposedly doing LA Kogi Truck like tacos.

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    I stopped by. The lines were ridiculously long for Krave, and Calexico. (about 50 people or so long) Even the lines for GoBurger and Big Gay Ice Cream Truck were long. I could’ve had Rickshaw dumplings or healthy food (Cinnamon Snail) but why would I do that? And the person I was with didn’t want to wait so I left very sad.

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