Pam Real Thai Makes a Good Khao Soi

9th Ave. is just out of bounds for Midtown Lunch’ing purposes, but you know we’ll travel an extra avenue or two for the Northern Thai specialty khao soi!  And from the looks of it, the version at Pam Real Thai (on 49th btw. 9+10th) is the real deal!  Read all about it over on Food in Mouth>>

Talent Thai’s Khao Soi is the Bee’s Knees


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    Food In Mouth has the wrong address for Pam Real Thai.

  • @NYCguy,
    thanks for pointing that out!

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    This place is great! It is way too empty on Weekend night’s given how good the food it. Definitely a New York gem.

  • Constructive comment: It would be very helpful for us roundeyes to describe what exactly is in the Khao Soi dish. FiM and ML failed on that point. (FiM mentioned it has coconut curry broth, egg noodles and fried shallots, but what else is in it???) Saying it’s a “good” version leaves an information void for the reader.

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      I think usually shrimp, scallions, bean sprouts, lime juice, and chili oil. I’ve only had it from Rhong-Tiam but it is pretty darn delicious.

      • Actually the version I had in Chiang Mai was served with chicken. There’s a good description in the Talent Thai post. The link is listed as a “related” link above.

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    I guess the dish varies a lot. I don’t remember Rhong-Tiam’s having pickled cabbage though.

  • Thx for the additional info. I was just suggesting that the posts would be better if this key information was put in the actual post, as opposed to forcing the reader to google/wiki it or explore related links.Especially for something not so mainstream as Khao Soi (which does look and sound tasty!). I mean, just saying what is in the dish isn’t asking too much, is it? ;^)

    • And yes, the Talent Thai link really has the best description of the dish. But give the reader the info all together–we are lazy!!! Don’t make us go to other links for basic info.

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