New Pizza (& Hot Dog) Spot Coming to 44th Street


Thanks to Lunch’er “Larry” for passing along this one… looks like Midtown East is getting *another* $1 pizza joint (on the SW corner of 44th and 3rd).  For those who are keeping track, that’s right around the corner from both 99 Cent Fresh Hot Pizza and 99 Cent Fresh Pizza and only 10 blocks away from the other 99 Cent Fresh Pizza opening soon on 34th and 3rd.  We are kind of intrigued by the “hot dog” part of the equation though…  no word on when it’s going to open.

UPDATE: We’re also hearing the 2 Bros on 46th btw. 5+6th will be opening in two weeks.


  • it’s very odd that pizza prices are dropping and hotdogs which are generally constructed of crap, have gotten expensive.

  • Yeah, a $1.50 dirty water dog is CHEAP these days! that is ridiculous!!!!!

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    Intrigued by a pizza and jot dog joint? Hmmm… it’s come to this?

  • They should totally do a 2.75 special of 1 slice, 1 hot dog, and a soda. Soda is cheap and useless. They really wouldn’t be losing out.

  • Had a 2 Bros. slices recently (6th Ave) and it seems to have gotten even better. The sauce was well balanced (seemed less sweet) and the cheese was solid. It also came right out of the oven, which is always a bonus.

  • 2 Bros is by FAR the best out of the 99 cent joints, as well as a majority of the $2.75 slices in midtown (global kitchen, metro, etc). I wish they’d open one right underneath my office so I wouldn’t get financially raped every time I craved a slice and succumbed to being lazy and going downstairs to global kitchen.

  • This place is completely open now. They were serving slices that were packaged in plastic wrap. Makes me wonder if the slices would lose their crust from that.

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    This place is gross. I’ve tried all the 99c places in midtown east, and this is the only one I haven’t been able to finish. The crust was limp, the sauce tasted like ketchup and the cheese tasted fake.

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