At Lunch Now: Early Mobscene at Pizza by Cer Te Has Finally Died Down

Despite an early rush of Midtown Lunch’ers, things have calmed down a bit at the newly opened Pizza by Cer Te (on 56th btw. Park+Lex).  Got the regular slice and the pomodoro baker. Regular slice is AWESOME: slices of mozzarella, sauce is a little sweet, but not annoying so, little basil leaves, chewy crust, and $2.50! Bakers are flat Sicialians with a suce cheese switchup! Yes, cheese below the sauce, call the trend police! I loved every bite!

Early reports have been mostly positive, with the only complaints being about service (it’s their first day) and price (it’s not cheap.)  One important thing to note, just like Cer Te the place is small and there is no seating. Full report coming soon.  See what everybody is saying, and add your own comments, here>>

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