Free Tax Day Lunch (And Coffee) Alert

In honor of tax day (that’s today, by the way, for all you procrastinators), there is all sorts of free stuff being given away. The big one is Energy Kitchen, who will once again be giving away free lunch with the purchase of a beverage from Noon to 2pm. You get your choice of a Bison Cheesesteak Wrap, California Wrap or Buffalo Chicken Burger. That’s not the only thing going on though… if you’re looking for something after work, McCormick & Schmick’s is doing $10.40 specials at the bar (and giving out $10.40 gift certificates.)  And finally there’s free drip coffee from Starbucks all day (as long as you bring your own mug), and free mini cupcakes at Cinnabon from 4-6pm 6-8pm.


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    Wow,how crazy are these places going to be today? Anyone know the closest location in Midtown for Energy Kitchen? I think there may be one near 45th and 5th?


    Not a regular at EK but I want a bison cheesesteak wrap. However, long lines…

  • I wish there was one on 45th and 5th (where I work) but checking out their website, they’re at 41st and 2nd, 57th and 2nd, and 47th and 9th. Might have to make the trek for a free buffalo chicken burger though.

  • 23rd and 5th–that’s the EK I’ll be at!

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    The burgers there are made to order; I usually wait 5-15 min, depending on how busy they are. Hopefully they’ll change it up today and have pre-made wraps and burgers in anticipation of the crowds.

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    T.G.I. Friday’s will give you a five dollar gift card if you spend $15-25. You’ll get a $10 card if you spend over $25

    And Maggie Moos is giving out free scoops

  • kgb deals has $5 subway gift certificate for $1 today

  • Got my coffee at sbux (regular, large-ish travel mug). I asked the girl what she’d do if I brought in my huge travel mug, and she said “as long as it’s your personal mug, it’s OK.”

    I might hit up another sbux around the corner this afternoon to check this out. The 7-11 big gulp mug is huge and very handy, esp. in hot weather when it’s filled with cold beverage.

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    The Starbucks near 34st Street, 8 Ave didn’t honor it. Boo…

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    was just at the energy kitchen on 41st and 2nd -the wait was about 15 minutes.

  • I headed over to NRG kitchen and took one look at the line and headed straight for That Famous Chicken Place. You probably could burn all the calories from the bison wrap just by waiting in line.

  • I went to 57-58 and 2nd location but got there before noon so wait was about 15 for me. Free pirate BOOTY, bison cheesesteak wrap, and $2 fountain soda. Great deal for lunch. I wans’t going to go but friends wanted it. Oh well. Food was okay overall. 1st time at EK. ;P

  • Walked by the EK at 23rd/5th. Line was about 40-45 people, guessing the wait is at least half an hour–too long based on my time/cost benefit analysis. So I passed.

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