Midtown Links: (The “Out of Bounds Lamb + Peanut Butter Sub” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Food in Mouth

  • Danny likes the braised lamb with pb&j sandwich at No. 7 Subs [Food in Mouth]
  • These guys… not so much [SENY]
  • Looking for vegan cheesecake? Here is your spot [Ramen & Friends]
  • The chacarero completo at Barros Luco has gained another fan [SENY]
  • The stir fried eggplant app at Menchanko Tei is a winner [NYC Foodie]
  • Robert Sietsema is a big fan of Kyochon (despite the small wing size) [FitR]


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    Aren’t links to boring bloggers posting on things outside what used to be ML confines a bit redundant now that the blog has been overrun with boring bloggers posting on things outside of what used to be ML confines? More is less.

    Probably holds true for the “free lunch” at Energy Kitchen as well.


    • But, Bossman, aren’t MOST ‘food bloggers’ boring, redundant, and a bit self-aggrandizing?

      And aren’t a vast majority of ‘food bloggers’ unemployed females, asian, and unmarried (but then, there’s the reasonably large contingency of the ‘gay’ males who also tend to dominate the food blogs).

      But, what’s a reader to do? SIGH!!!

      Looking for good info has become similar to stepping through the minefields in the Mekong Delta.

      OOPS, I forgot I am ‘old and out of the loop’ so to speak, because I lost a foot fighting to save the south vietnamese, who were too cowardly to save themselves.

      But, what the hell,

      Carrion, please.

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    …and here I was hoping you’d regale us with tales of how you lost your mind, Peterman.

    • Of course that won’t happen – everything DocChuck writes about is real – to him, of course, and ONLY to him. He also believes he is adventurous, witty well-educated, wealthy, well-travelled, respected, and loved. Of course, as we all know, none of this is actually true.

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